Every church puts on their sign that everyone is welcome, you will notice as a visitor that we truly and genuinely mean it. There are literally people from every walk of life and age group coming to Living Proof. We are called to reach all people for Jesus Christ, not just certain ones. We attempt to make it easy for you to come to church.

Every Sunday we provide a free breakfast buffet which always includes biscuits and gravy, donuts, muffins, casseroles and sometimes pancakes. We know it's not easy to wrestle kids up on a Sunday morning, feed them and get them ready for church without completely running yourself around until you are so tired that you don't feel like coming. We hope to eliminate some of that by having breakfast ready for you when you come. There is also something really cool about just eating together as a church family and enjoying the fellowship of getting to know someone across a table from one another.

As a visitor we are not here to make it look like we have all the answers or that we have it all together, contrary to that, we will be very open and transparent about just simply going through the same things in life you are and as a family going through them together. Most of all we pray that God reveals Himself to you when you walk through the church doors. We are just ordinary people trying to live an extraordinary life by the power of Jesus. We pray if you don't find your home with Living Proof that your family will get plugged in with a bible believing church in our community. If we can help you find a church in our community please let us know. Have a blessed day.