Kristian was born in a land not too far from Paola, Kansas. Close to the Vales of Anduin, between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. In a hole in the ground. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort.
It had a perfectly round door like a porthole, painted green, with a shiny yellow brass knob in the exact middle. The door opened on to a tube­ shaped hall like a tunnel: a very comfortable tunnel without smoke, with paneled walls, and floors tiled and carpeted, provided with polished chairs, and lots and lots of pegs for hats and coats, she was fond of visitors. The tunnel wound on and on, going fairly but not quite straight into the side of the hill. The Hill, as all the people for many miles round called it, had many little round doors opened out of it, first on one side and then on another. Bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, pantries (lots of these), wardrobes (she had whole rooms devoted to clothes), kitchens, dining­ rooms, all were on the same floor, and indeed on the same passage. The best rooms were all on the left hand side (going in), for these were the only ones to have windows, deepest round windows looking over her garden and meadows beyond, sloping down to the river. She lived there for quite some time but had a yearning for something more when she set out for Paola, Ks to find her true love. Kristen capitulated, and married Bo Gerken. They married when the stars aligned just right and the check from the future in-laws cleared the checking account. Kristian and Bo have five children that keep her days busy ubering them to and fro from school, instrument practice and ball practice depending on the season of the year. She has always thought that maybe being a taxi driver could fill that yearning of something more, but alas Paola already had a taxi service and with the amount of kids they had, she will stick to being their chauffeur. Before coming on staff with Living Proof as the Worship Pastor, Kristian could be found at local festivals larping and searching for the closest karaoke night club. She still enjoys singing at the occasional discotheque, but being able to lead people to worship has become her new heart song. Kristian loves to add a good “Office” reference throughout her daily life, and is working on her new movie “Threat Level Midnight II: An unexpected journey and the jewelry it entails””